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Our services

Comprehensive Eye Exams


 Detailed eye examinations using the most modern diagnostic equipment including autophoropters and OCT analysis.  We also tend to all medical emergency walk in patients.

Specializing in Custom Contact lenses and myopia control


 20 years of experience fitting specialized contact lenses for irregular corneas and keratoconus.  We also have options for myopia control.

On Site Lens Lab


 We provide one hour service on most single vision prescription and DIRECT BILLING TO MOST INSURANCE COMPANIES

ohip coverage



OHIP Coverage

As of November 1, 2004, changes were made to the eye care coverage by the Ontario government:

Children (aged 0 to 19 years) & Seniors (aged 65 years and older)

  • Covered for one full eye exam every 12 months.

Adults (aged 20 - 64 years)

  • No OHIP coverage (some medical exceptions coverage on doctor's referral)

Medical Exceptions

  • People with certain medical conditions like diabetes, glaucoma, retinal disease, amblyopia, visual field defects, cataract, strabismus, corneal disease etc are also covered for a full eye exam every 12 months.